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Affordable fashion accessories for credit-crunching times

posted on 26 November 2008 | posted in Best of the Web

With the recession well under way (wherever you're reading this from!), how do you stay fashionable? The hardy fashionistas shrug their pashmina-covered shoulders at bad economic times and raise the quality of the items they buy:-

open quoteWith a less than optimistic economy comes smart shopping and spending habits. How does the Carrie Bradshaw's of the world keep it together. Better yet, how can the Carrie Bradshaw's of the world maintain their couture chic lifestyles and while saving for the rainy day?

The answer is simple and one that might shock. Invest in good quality and more expensive products because they will last longer and keep up with the times. Style savants can maintain their looks in a tough economy if they buy timeless pieces instead of trendy items that will last just two seasons.
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