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American-Muslim Fashion Demographic Worth $US170 Billion

posted on 29 January 2009 | posted in Best of the Web

openWhile tailoring products to reach this consumer base is one important step for retailers, Yasmine Hafiz reminds us that "the average Muslim consumer is much like the average American consumer, with wants and needs mainly dictated by their income, education, and type of family. Their socioeconomic status dictates their spending habits more than their religious affiliation... there's a lot of untapped buying potential amongst all these doctors & engineers."

And as noted on the blog Muslim Canvas, "I guess the value I see in this marketing stuff is the effect it'll have on the American psyche, rather than the Muslim psyche necessarily. [Seeing] a hijabi mom spreading Jif peanut butter on her son's sandwich, or of a long-bearded man answering the door on a Domino's commercial, could go a long way for our "image".

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