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Going Retro With Watch Winders

posted on 26 February 2009 | posted in Trends

The recession is biting hard now, and it might be my imagination, but there seems to be a growing sentimentality in people harking back to simpler times when your job didn't depend on the world markets (or should we call it casino?).

We like to use Google Trends to see what's new and we found one search term gaining in popularity : watch winders.

What's a watch winder? It's an old-fashioned watches that you have to wind up. But the modern version makes it easier : technology has helped us with the tedious need to twist that dial by the side of the watch to keep it ticking. Modern watch winders can wind themselves when they are strapped to an arm that is swinging and twisting all day long (clever, eh?).

So we took a gander around the interweb and found some good examples of watch winders over at

So what's next? Will the Casio digital watch make its comeback?!
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