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Pashmina Colour Trends Throughout 2010

posted on 1 September 2010 | posted in Trends

Another summer is almost over and it's clear now after 3 years of selling pashminas online that clear colour trends emerge each year.

Basically it goes like this :-

autumn / winter = darker colours - dark greens, dark blues, black, maroon, brown, dark purples etc
spring / summer = lighter colours - white, cream, light gold, gold, yellow, light pink, pink etc

The darker colours are dictated by coat / jacket colours which tend to be darker.

The lighter colours are heavily influenced by wedding and party-wear.

Yes I might be Captain Obvious here, but there's lesson in all of this, and it's to remember that often there are seasonal patterns in what you sell, so plan ahead. For example, it's no good trying to rank in the search engines for light colours of your products when the light colour season is already upon you - too late! Plan ahead - at least 3 months ahead.
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