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So How Much Does a Wedding Really Cost These Days?

posted on 28 March 2012 | posted in Weddings

A lot of our customers are attending weddings, and that's the sole reason why they're buying a pashmina - to match their wedding outfit, and as a handy accessory to keep warm in the unpredictable UK climate.

The average cost of a wedding is always a topic of interest to many, and it's something I'd like to talk about here. Some see the average cost of a wedding in the UK as a yardstick to how expensive (or cheap, though that's rare) the cost of living is today, others see it as an indication of how well the economy is doing.

According to various sources online (and there are differing estimates), the average cost of a wedding falls within the 15,000 to 25,000 range which is quite staggering really. This includes the honeymoon costs too, but even so, for basically a single day plus a holiday, it's an enormous cost for two families to cover in today's really tough times (and I say "today" meaning the last four years or so, plus forseeable future!).

I can't help but think the struggling economy is going to force down the average costs as wedding suppliers in turn bring down their costs just to win new business. A wedding is a great tradition and not one that's going to die out, but I think a lot of people these days are thinking a lot more pragmatically than romantically and are opting for cheaper weddings such as at the registry office.

The head is ruling the heart these days - not always a good thing for the wedding industry if I'm being honest!
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