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What to wear at a wedding when the weather's cool

posted on 30 July 2009 | posted in Trends

We came across a great article over at regarding what to wear at a wedding....they pick out particular vendors to buy the items they recommend from, but we say shop around for the best deals!

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Weddings are definitely tricky to dress for—and while we’ve done our best to put together a great go-to outfit for any upcoming nuptials you may be witnessing, it really all depends on the type of wedding, the location, the time, etc. On the other hand, some guidelines should be followed in any setting (like no white, unless you’re the bride!), and some choices are way more versatile than others. Here are a few tips that may come in handy when you’re putting together your look.....

.....Rather than wear a coat, we say go with a shawl as your outerwear—it’ll provide enough warmth in the summer months, and it lends a touch more elegance to an outfit. Since we only want one centerpiece of your outfit, look for something in a soft, neutral color that will enhance your dress rather than fight it for attention.
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