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When Does a Bride Enter the Bridezilla Zone?

posted on 29 March 2012 | posted in Weddings

You've probably already heard the term "bridezilla" before - the over-organizing bride-to-be poring over her wedding blueprints 3 years before the special day, martialling friends and family into their positions. Some women are proud to be described as bridezillas and see it as much as a description of a woman very much in love with her fiancé, and therefore why wouldn't she plan her day to such a detailed degree?

So where's the line between a bride-to-be who is naturally enthusiastic about her wedding day, and the woman who is described as the aforementioned pejorative noun?

I think it's when she tries to control the other people at the wedding too much - to suggest (or tell) female guests what kind of coloured dress to wear, or what kind of hair-style to have, or to pre-determine which bridesmaid catches the bouquet of flowers!

That's not to say planning of some kind isn't required. There's no doubt that a wedding is a major event requiring a fair amount of planning - there's dozens of guests, a schedule to keep to, booked entertainment and catering to sort out. You can't just "wing it" and hope for the best - there's nothing wrong with preparing for the day so things run smoothly. A good wedding is one which does have some solid planning behind it. However, a good wedding also has its fair share of informality and fumbles too - the panicky pocket check of the best man before rings are exchanged, nervous and stuttered words at the alter, the drunk and outspoken uncle at the wedding reception, the dodgy DJ, wine spills (on white carpet of course), and various other slip-ups and mishaps. It's what happens when a bunch of humans get together - it's humanity. The real mistake is to somehow try and eliminate these so-called "mistakes" by over-planning - that can put too much pressure on everybody to not make any kind of slip-up, which just isn't a natural way to behave. In fact, these small "mistakes" always tend to break the ice, to relax people.

So stay away from the bridezilla zone!
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