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Going Retro With Watch Winders

posted on 26 February 2009 in Trends

The recession is biting hard now, and it might be my imagination, but there seems to be a growing sentimentality in people harking back to simpler times when your job didn't depend on the world market...more info >>>

American-Muslim Fashion Demographic Worth $US170 Billion

posted on 29 January 2009 in Best of the Web

While tailoring products to reach this consumer base is one important step for retailers, Yasmine Hafiz reminds us that "the average Muslim consumer is much like the average American consumer...more info >>>

Affordable fashion accessories for credit-crunching times

posted on 26 November 2008 in Best of the Web

With the recession well under way (wherever you're reading this from!), how do you stay fashionable? The hardy fashionistas shrug their pashmina-covered shoulders at bad economic times and raise the q...more info >>>

Get out your scarves - winter has arrived in the UK!

posted on 22 November 2008 in Best of the Web Get out your scarves - winter has arrived in the UK!

"Winter" is becoming a loose term in the UK. It can mean any time between October and April it seems. We seem to be getting more snow in the autumn and spring months than the actual "official" winte...more info >>>

Purple is the new black?

posted on 19 November 2008 in Best of the Web

If true, then please take a look at our purple pashmina shawl range! You can't walk a city block without spotting a purple dress or sweater in a store window. But if new duds aren't in your...more info >>>

Hijab headscarf causing a stir in the stir!

posted on 11 November 2008 in Best of the Web Hijab headscarf causing a stir in the stir!

Should the hijab headscarf be allowed in prison as a reminder of religious obligations? According to details of the agreement, which were released at ACLU's office in Orange this ...more info >>>

Sending scarves to soldiers in Afghanistan

posted on 31 October 2008 in Best of the Web

In Afghanistan it can get down to -25c in the depths of winter. (Wikipedia) Some call it the “Forgotten War” in the war on terror, but Pat Johnson and some friends haven’t forgot...more info >>>

Autumn fashion is all about shawls and scarves

posted on 30 October 2008 in Best of the Web

Not surprisingly(!), autumn means wrapping up warm. The UK has seen snow in October already so it's time to use pashmina shawls for their practical uses! This season, staying warm...more info >>>

Stupid Summer Trends

posted on 16 August 2008 in Best of the Web

Sometimes fashion isn't cool in more ways than one.... The morning air was so thick with humidity you could barely breathe, and at 8 a.m. the sun was already the enemy. Along came a you...more info >>>

Pashminas always in fashion according to The Independent!

posted on 10 August 2008 in Best of the Web

The fashions that never dieIndependent, UK - 17 hours agoPashminas were a Sloane Ranger staple long before and after their moment in the fashion limelight. Is this just fashion's circle tu...more info >>>

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